School House c.1890

Clothing made to be worn in the schoolhouse from West Wittering, West Sussex.  The schoolhouse was built as a cart or coach shed in the late 18th century but converted into a school in the 1820s.  It is presented as it might have been around 1890.

Female clothing c.1890

Female clothing c.1890

The woman wears a block-printed cotton bodice, based on a pattern found in Cassell’s Household Guide.  Made up of eight panels, darted, boned and lined, with an interior waist tape to stop it from riding up, it is complicated in its construction and is a restricting garment, worn over a full complement of the necessary underwear of the period.  The long woollen skirt is made up of three widths of fabric, lined and pleated into a waistband.


A glazed linen apron would be worn for dirty tasks such as cleaning the blackboard.


This thick wool jacket is terribly heavy to wear in comparison with modern clothing.



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