Medieval c.950

The frame for our new Saxon house will be erected over the next few weeks.  The reconstruction is based on a building dated to c.950 excavated in Steyning, West Sussex, in the late 1980s.

The Needlework Group have made a woman’s outfit (c.950) consisting of a long-sleeved linen undergarment with an undyed woollen over-garment or gown (referred to in contemporary documents as a ‘cyrtel’), a woollen cloak (a bit like an asymmetric poncho, so pulled on over the head rather than pinned) and a finer wool headdress which covers the head & neck.

Female clothing c.950

Female clothing c.950


Male clothing c.950

Male clothing c.950

They have also made a boy’s outfit consisting of a linen undergarment, a woollen over-garment or tunic (‘cyrtel’ or ‘tunece’ in Old English) & woollen leg coverings.

The main evidence for Anglo-Saxon clothing from this period is from manuscript illustrations, a limited selection of written sources & a few clothing fragments.  More so than with later periods, our interpretation of the evidence for late Saxon clothing is speculative.





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