Medieval c.1380

Clothing made to be worn in Boarhunt, a timber-framed hall house from South Boarhunt, Hampshire, built between 1355 and 1390.  The house is presented as it might have been around 1380.

Medieval clothing, c.1380

Male clothing, c.1380

The man is wearing a ‘liripipe’ – a tailed hood made of wool, lined with a finer wool for comfort and a lined woollen ‘cote’ with front and side openings to allow free movement.  The cote’s edges are bound with madder-dyed wool.  Note the hand-whittled wooden toggles with tablet-woven loops.

Female clothing, c.1380

Female clothing, c.1380

The woman is wearing a linen headcloth or wimple, which completely covers her hair and throat, a long-sleeved kirtle with front and side gussets and a finer woollen overtunic with high gussets front and back (cut from 18-inch narrowcloth).  Note the tablet-woven edging used to give a decorative finish to the seam edges of the overtunic.


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